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How much do we love Watergate? A lot..

I'm a Big Fascist Not just evil. An evil GENIUS. I Got Borked A little, little rat Insert your own Viagra joke Chief Plumber Hadley's Cousin The President's Son-of-a-bitch I killed Kennedy Stacked and Packed Grow a... Expletive deleted Dear John... Should've been indicted for the wallpaper alone PT-109- Coincidence? We think not. Bueller...Bueller... the kids, like all kids, loved the dog where it all began I love to wind my tongue up And I love to let it go. Jeb, if you don't take your arm off me I'm going to break it off and beat you to death with it. Until we find a picture of Murray, here's the woman he indirectly mentored Just don't call me John Dean. That will get you dead. But the next time there may be no watchman in the night.

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