Nixon was "a strange animal, just not like anyone you'll ever know - a very sensitive man, very thoughtful and of course very brilliant, with a memory like an elephant."

Bebe Rebozo

Charles "Bebe" Rebozo was Nixon's best friend. We know what you are thinking, and yes, in this case, "best" means "only." The two met in Florida when Bebe invited Nixon fishing. Some people say Nixon passed on the fishing because he couldn't bear to kill anything. Some people say John F. Kennedy might disagree with that. Some people are really crazy conspiracy theorists. Some people also say that Nixon just couldn't kill anything as cold blooded as he was. Some people are extremely catty.

Nixon and Rebozo's later investments came under fire, although nothing untoward or illegal was proven. Rebozo did, however, pay for the White House bowling alley.

Rebozo was by Nixon's side at a number of key moments - the night Nixon lost the 1960 election to Kennedy, the day Nixon resigned.

The last surviving dolphin to play "Flipper" on TV was named after Bebe.