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No one is entitled to the truth.

-E. Howard Hunt

Is he a hobo or a plumber?

A lot of people think that Hunt was one of the hoboes picked up behind the grassy knoll the day Kennedy was shot.

This was never proven, but they do look a lot alike.

Hunt served 33 months in prison for conspiracy, burglary, and wiretapping. Although he won $60,000 in a libel suit (against an author who accused him of involvement in the Kennedy assasination) he applied for bankruptcy in 1995.

It was his involvement in the Bay of Pigs and his dedication to getting rid of Castro which enabled him to recruit so many Cubans to assist in the Watergate break-in. His wife Dorothy, who had been collecting mad amounts of hush money on his behalf, died in a mysterious plane crash.

Now he lives in Florida, which is awfully close to Cuba.