"You really have to experience the feeling of being with the president in the oval office. ... It's a disease I came to call Ovalitis. "
-John Dean

John Dean is a little rat. Oh, wait, that's just G. Gordon Liddy's opinion.

Although we take G. Gordon's opinion pretty seriously, John Dean said "some of these people have never grown up."

That would probably also apply to John Ehrlichman, whose last words re:Dean were "Go get the little son of a bitch."

Because of his longish hair and Porshe, Nixon considered John Dean something of a hippie, demonstrating that the President's social awareness was exceeded only by his integrity. Nixon often invited Dean to the Oval Office to conduct mock business when there was a tour group of young people around, in a vain attempt to combat the administration's square image.

In reality, Dean, as White House council, had very little face to face contact with the President. He became most well-know for the non-existent "Dean Report" and the "Cancer in the Presidency" line that he copped from another WH staffer. Apparently very impressed by his own quick rise to power, Dean and his Porshe took on the lifestyle of a swinging bachelor.

After developing something of a drinking problem, he grew weary of his empty ways and married the ever-present and very blond Maureen "Mo", who went on to write a self-serving book of her own. In said book he comes off as a fairly insensitive jerk as well as an alcoholic. And that's coming from his own wife.

After his co-conspirators set him up as the Watergate fall guy, Dean ratted on them in the hopes of saving his own ass. Before his Senate testimony, he cut his hair and donned horn-rimmed glasses in an attempt to appear more credible than "hippiesh". His little ploy didn't work well enough to get him out of a few months at Country Club prison, but at least he didn't stay long enough to find God.