The Shallow View of The White House

Although Tricia was the eldest Nixon, Julie was the first to marry. The less we say about her bridal ensemble the better. They say every bride is beautiful on her wedding day, which we suppose is true if by beautiful you mean somewhat non-repellent when standing next to Richard Nixon for comparison.

Tricia, on the other hand, stunned us with her fairy tale Rose Garden wedding. Not just because we want to get married in the Rose Garden too, but because of her lovely dress. It's pretty for any time, but for 1971 something of a miracle.

We were intrigued. How could Tricia pull off a gorgeous wedding dress in the 70's? We knew she was legendarily square- but what we didn't know was that she was a bit of a fashion plate. Compare her in this photo, a vision in red, with her trademark matching hair ribbon, to Julie, who looks like she still hasn't graduated to the Young Miss Department.

Julie's later attempt at a more modern style fall flat, as she combines a particularly unattractive shade of orange with jewelry that I spotted last week at Everything's A Dollar. She then tries to copy Tricia's Mod style, but while Tricia's simple pink dress perfectly matches her saccharine personality, Julie looks like a Girl Scout.

Not to imply that Tricia didn't occasionally stumble in her choices, but as long as Julie was around and there was pink velour on hand, Tricia comes out on top.

Sadly, these days, Tricia's taste appears to be fading, while Julie seems at least comfortable in her unpleasant apparel. Perhaps Tricia's spirit and sense of herself faded as she lost more than most in the downfall of the President- not only her faith in her nation's leader but her faith in her father as well.