Why Watergate?

by Hadley

I think in this age of tacky scandals we can all look back, nostalgically, on a scandal that we can really be proud of. Watergate is both totally wholesome and totally American.

The good guys beat the bad guys- everything is black and white. Woodward and Bernstein come from nowhere to undo the most powerful and most corrupt man in America. This is Democracy in action- ordinary citizens taking their country back. In the Senate, where the public makes its voice heard through representation, Sam Ervin cuts through the mangled lies of beaurocrats with his down-to-earth demands for truth, and we all cheer.

This is a true hero myth, and anyone who is tired of Watergate needs to clearly re-examine his priorities.

It should also be noted that Hadley dashed this off when the guy Hannah is sort of dating implied that no one cares about Watergate anymore, and it is not representative of her writing/persuasive skills. If you don't believe me, ask all the really good law schools she got into.