The outspoken wife of John Mitchell was always considered a "loose cannon" in Washington. She called members of the press on several occasions to record her disgust about Watergate. On one occasion she declared herself a political prisoner, saying "I'm not going to stand for all those dirty things that go on. If you could see me, you wouldn't believe it. I'm black and blue." Bob Woodward called her "the Greek chorus of the Watergate drama- sounding her warnings to all who would hear."

It was the position of many in the Nixon administration that Martha was a total nutcase, and that John Mitchell was forced to rely on his corrupt staff a great deal in order to look after her. It was the position of Martha that the Nixon administration sedated her and held her against her will to keep her from speaking out. In his groundbreaking autobiography, RN, Nixon concludes that without Martha, there never would have been a Watergate.

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